Solo travel in Mexico - is Mexico safe for solo female travelers?

Discover everything you need to know about solo travel in Mexico including the best places in Mexico to travel alone as well as expert Mexico travel advice.

If you are dreaming of escaping on a grand adventure, Mexico is a great destination to choose from. It is rich in culture, boasts amazing cuisine, and is relatively close to major US airports. Solo travel in Mexico offers the freedom to explore and discover everything this country has to offer without being bound to rigid tour schedules or other people’s routines. Solo travel is an incredible, immersive travel experience and more so in Mexico where you have luscious tropical forests, sunkissed white sand beaches, and breathtaking mountain scenery at your fingertips. Of course, solo travel is always more daunting than traveling with friends or family, so, we put together the best destinations to enjoy alone in Mexico. Are you ready to venture off the beaten track and enjoy the magic of Mexico?

Female solo travel in Mexico

Traveling alone is a great soul-searching exercise that offers bountiful rewards in the form of new friends, unforgettable experiences, and everlasting memories. Solo travel is experiencing a boom and it is estimated that more females are traveling alone than their male counterparts. Solo female travel in Mexico is not to be missed. Not only does Mexico provide both the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines to enjoy, but it also offers breathtaking ancient ruins that tell stories of both the Aztecs and the Mayans in addition to the brightly colored traditions that are also celebrated across towns and cities. But, that’s not all, anyone interested in participating in Mexico solo female travel will be met with:

  • Lush tropical forests full of exotic wildlife
  • A world-class offering of museums, bars, and must-visit restaurants
  • Delicious, mouth-watering cuisine served on every street corner
  • An abundance of activities to enjoy such as diving, hiking, or even learning Spanish
  • Great transport connections across the country


Solo Traveller's Mexico Travel Advice

When partaking in solo travel in Mexico, it is always worth brushing up on some key phrases in Mexican Spanish. Not only will it help to orientate you once you land but locals will love the fact that you are making an effort to integrate. Apart from learning the lingo, it is also worth creating a rough itinerary since Mexico is a huge country with lots of land to explore. Make the most of your trip by pinpointing exactly which unmissable highlights to visit and plan your travel around those. Our solo traveler’s guide to Mexico will help to lead you to the best places for your personality. Beach lovers will fall in love with Ixtapa and its bohemian coastal vibe while fans of the city shouldn’t miss out on the dizzying highs of Mexico City and Querétaro.

Planning a solo trip to Mexico - Riviera Maya

If you are enjoying solo travel in Mexico for the first time, then the Riviera Maya is the perfect destination to explore. A hotspot for foreign tourists, this picture-postcard corner of Mexico is filled with the mystical ruins of Mayan civilization, luxury hotels, and some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Tulum solo travel is a popular option for those wanting to disconnect and enjoy the natural beauty of this boho paradise. Tulum offers a hippy alternative to the built-up neighboring towns surrounding it. This idyllic enclave offers relative safety and an accessible base from which to explore the sacred town of Chichen-Itza. On a solo trip to Tulum, enjoy scuba diving in the coral reef or venture into the wilderness of Xcaret in the neighboring town of Playa del Carmen for a wildlife-fuelled adventure into the jungle.

Travelling alone in Mexico - Cancun

Planning a solo trip to Cancun is the ultimate recipe for a relaxing, luxurious getaway. Once upon a time, this white sand paradise was a small fishing village, but, with the arrival of mass tourism, this corner of Mexico has become the must-visit tourist destination, attracting visitors from across the globe in hordes. Cancun solo travel, especially Cancun solo female travel is perhaps the easiest of all solo travel adventures you could embark upon in Mexico. Thanks to the well-established infrastructure of this city, it is easy to navigate on foot, allowing you to go from the beach to the local flea markets without the stress of navigating local transit. Solo travel in Mexico doesn’t mean you need to miss out on all the fun of a night out on the town. Cancun is famous for its hectic nightlife which illuminates the city once the sun goes down and, for those who are avid golf fans, Cancun boasts 15 golf courses to enjoy.

Solo travelling Mexico - Mexico City

Traveling to Mexico City alone as a woman doesn’t need to be a daunting experience. This city is a world of its own, bursting with an eclectic cultural scene full of music, art, and unique experiences. While staying in Mexico City retrace the steps of Mexico’s great artists such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera with a trip to Coyoacán and the ‘La Casa Azul’, Kahlo’s home where she lived and painted many of her great works. Soak up the cosmopolitan atmosphere of this Aztec city with a stroll down the Avenida de la Reforma, the city’s most famous street, where many concerts and cultural events have taken place and where it is possible to see a mix of the different styles of architecture that make up this iconic capital city. For those searching for more adventure on their solo travel in Mexico, venture from Mexico City to Puebla, Oaxaca or even to the resort of Ixtapa to further enjoy the spirit of Mexico.

Querétaro - Mexico solo travel itinerary

Querétaro is a real sensory delight and one of the best places in Mexico to travel alone. Located just 200km from Mexico City, Querétero offers a picturesque place to stay with a glimpse into the pre-Colombian era of Mexico. Cobbled pathways, decadent churches, and elaborate fountains decorate each corner of this cosmopolitan city. Anyone planning a Mexico solo travel itinerary should consider beginning their trip in Querétero to witness the magnificent 18th-century aqueduct, the El Cerrito pyramid, and soak up some authentic Mexican city life. Since Querétero is a major business hub, the city strikes the ideal balance between old and new and it is certainly one for wine lovers to visit while enjoying solo travel in Mexico since it is Mexico’s second-largest wine region.