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In 1993, UNESCO awarded this island the distinction of Biosphere Reserve. Since then, all inclusive hotels and resorts in Menorca They assume their commitment to making this corner of Spain the natural paradise that is now.

One of the island’s greatest achievements over the years has been able to maintain the The perfect balance between tradition, roots and tourism development. Not to be an exclusive aspect of the other, an all inclusive holiday in Menorca reveals that this is a destination for those who value nature. The natural beauty of the Balearic Islands is compatible with luxury.

The lesser-known part of a surprising island

Travellers of all ages come here so that you can enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Menorca. And they return home with the satisfaction of their dreams.

Menorca is an island with Leisure, art, culture and sports options that is suited to all types of travelers, which is why families and couples alike can choose the right backdrop for their holiday plans. An outdoor yoga class, a day of hiking along the Camí de Cavalls or an afternoon of fishing in the rugged coves of the north. There are regular activities for warming up on an island that has much more to offer.

What makes Menorca unique in front of its Balearic islands is the chance to find places where history, traditional fishing and much less man are still left their mark. Places such as Cavalleria, Taximar and Cabra SaladaIt is unspoilt for natural beauty that still remains intact.

The harmony of an all inclusive holiday in Menorca

The second largest island in the Balearic Islands after Mallorca has no need to compete with it, neither in terms of size or for tourism. Los all inclusive hotels and resorts in Menorca They have a kind of guests with goals and tastes that are not exactly the same as those that are other destinations in the archipelago.

To the hotel Occidental Menorca visitors arrive with very specific ideas about how they want to spend their free time on an island characterized by being a haven of tranquility. Staying in this type of establishment is a guarantee that your days of holiday will pass through peace and tranquility that will make the day forward.

During a stay of these characteristics, in an all inclusive establishment that fulfills all the leisure, restaurants and well-being needs, it is more easy to restore inner balance that sometimes gets lost with the stress of daily life. It is an environment designed to distinguish between the hustle and bustle of routine and the peace of mind of exceptional destinations such as this unique island.