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The region of Huatulco It is located in a rugged, rugged area on the Mexican Pacific coast, right in the area where the mountains join the sea in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. The area is made up of nine bays with thirty-six white sandy beaches. The enclave has an unusual charm, but guests staying in the luxury hotels in Huatulco will enjoy all the comfort and convenience of the most popular beach destinations. The cruises are located in the bay of Santa Cruz and most of the passengers head for the most popular beaches of Huatulco Bay, where the white sandy beaches with a half moon shape, nestled among the rocks scattered around the sea, all in the lush green hills of the Sierra Madre del Sur.

Parque Nacional Huatulco

Huatulco is a land blessed with sun for three hundred and thirty days a year. The average temperature is about twenty-eight degrees, so visitors can swim, surf and sunbathe at their widest and at all times. Boat excursions are a great way to visit and enjoy some of the coves and small bays that are far away from the main beaches, and, in general, guides usually point out dolphins jumping out over the waves and manta rays of the sea. The transparent water of this sea makes it an excellent place for scuba diving and scuba diving, especially on the vast sea Huatulco National Park. This strip of two hundred square kilometers of low jungle, mangrove forest and coastal waters, is protected since 1998 and has been awarded the international certification of Green Globe in recognition of conservation efforts that have kept hundreds of species of animal and native plants excepted. This place is a dream for any eco-tourist: the park encompasses six bays, including the popular Maguey Bay, and home is home to one of the most important coral groups in the Mexican Pacific. With a guided tour, visitors can discover this enclave and visit the most interesting features in this carefully protected park.

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A holiday in Huatulco is not complete without a trip inland, and many visitors choose to take a tour of the well-known Magical Waterfalls. A swim in these waterfalls surrounded by lush rainforest is a refreshing change from the sunny beaches. Most tours include a stop at a coffee plantation. Guests at Huatulco hotels who want to taste the most traditional Mexico can stroll through the streets of La Crucecita, and shouldn’t forget to go into the church in the city’s central square. An enormous image of the religious Mexican icon, the Virgin of Guadalupe, adorns the church ceiling, and it is said that this image is the largest in Mexico. A highlight of any walking tour is sampling mezcal, the traditional drink of this region. Mezcal gets its smoky flavor from the cooking of agave hearts in earth zas before fermentation, which is why it is different to tequila, which is not cooked. Visitors exploring the small and picturesque city will discover many craftsmen, crafting colored fabrics in the style of Oaxaca, and also a brilliant black-colored ceramics, and even a photocall that will allow tourists to take a photo where they can feel they are wearing the famous and elegant, traditional lace dresses.

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