Allegro Hotels in Granada

Granada has been a melting pot for civilisations that have each left their mark on its cuisine, monuments and city streets. Situated close to the mountains and the sea, it’s the perfect destination for a short break. From Allegro Hotels in Granada you can experience the buzz of the spellbinding streets in its historic centre.

Granada, in full view of the Alhambra

Located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, where the slopes attract both intrepid skiers and novices, Allegro Hotels in Granada guarantee you’ll have an exciting stay in the city. The star is, without a doubt, the Alhambra, the most visited landmark in the country. This complex of palaces, gardens and fortresses (visible from practically every point in the city), is considered a World Heritage Site, along with the Generalife and its colourful gardens. However, if you’re after impressive panoramic views, head to the San Nicolás lookout point.

Flamenco: a symbol of Granada

Another World Heritage Site is the Albaicín, where whitewashed houses are scattered along the winding streets of the oldest neighbourhood in the city. The main attraction on the other side of the River Darro is the unusual caves in picturesque Sacromonte, which have been inhabited since the 15ᵗʰ century. 

If you want to enjoy good flamenco, these caves are the best place to experience the art form declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Granada in the moonlight

Days in Granada end with vibrant sunsets against a backdrop of the Alhambra or with a walk along the Paseo de los Tristes before losing yourself in the city’s lively nightlife. Whether you want to go for tapas or dance until you drop, the options in Granada are endless and you can enjoy them all before returning to Allegro Hotels in Granada to catch your breath. 

Our hotels in Granada will show you every way to experience the city.

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    Hotels Allegro in Granada: 1 results

    Texto: 40060

    Allegro Granada

    Granada | Spain

    Allegro Granada

    Granada | Spain


    Avant-garde hotel with swimming pool and refurbished rooms

    A hotel with a modern design and great location, with fully-equipped rooms and a swimming pool with panoramic views of Granada.

    See hotel website
    Best online price guaranteed A refurbished hotel offering a great location and a swimming pool with the best views of Granada

    Other brand hotels from the Barceló Hotel Group in Granada: 3 results

    Texto: 119521

    Barceló Granada Congress

    Granada | Spain

    Barceló Granada Congress

    Granada | Spain


    A 5* grand hotel for a lavish stay in Granada

    Close to the city centre and not far from the motorway, it is ideal for discovering the city and visiting the Sierra Nevada conveniently and accessibly.

    See hotel website
    Best online price guaranteed A spectacular 5* hotel, ideal for visiting Granada and the Sierra Nevada
    Texto: 99625

    Occidental Granada

    Granada | Spain

    Occidental Granada

    Granada | Spain


    A hotel with refurbished rooms and a gastrobar 10 minutes from the city centre

    For couples, families and business trips, the hotel is located opposite the metro station and also close to the road leading to Sierra Nevada.

    See hotel website
    Best online price guaranteed A well-located, very comfortable hotel, perfect for all types of stays
    Texto: 114948

    Barceló Carmen Granada

    Granada | Spain

    Barceló Carmen Granada

    Granada | Spain


    A historic hotel in Granada’s city centre, overlooking the Alhambra

    Emblematic hotel with a beautiful terrace with panoramic swimming pool and a snack bar, perfect for enjoying the atmosphere of the heart of Granada.

    See hotel website
    Best online price guaranteed Historic hotel with a terrace and swimming pool with views of the Alhambra, in the heart of Granada

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