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Those traveling in search of adrenaline will find what they yearn for Los Cabos, A couple of beautiful cities with holiday complexes on the southern end of Baja California (Mexico), the narrow peninsula that points south, along the Pacific coast. Cabo San Lucas is the most southerly city, where Medano beach is located; There, beach lovers can sunbathe, swim and participate in a wide variety of water sports. San José del Cabo is located further north and has a more peaceful atmosphere. This is the perfect place for those who like to visit the central square and enjoy the 18th century Spanish architecture. Art lovers can be inspired by the paintings and sculptures in the District Gallery, where the popular art walk is held on Thursday night. Bird lovers will want to follow the path of Estero San José, A sanctuary where birdwatchers can see herons, falcons and frigate birds. The town is actually a fishing village, so a night-time visit to historic Palmilla beach will include watching fishermen and their chapels.

Swim, sail and learn to fly on a trip to Los Cabos

Those who spend their holiday in Los Cabos will have easy access to their white sandy beaches, the fantastic nightlife and relaxing restaurants on the seafront. Water sports are the activities that stand out, and the most exciting thing is fly-boarding. It is interesting to watch people practicing this sport, as they fly over the waves thanks to an aeroboard propelled by water jets. They look like ancient water gods, as a couple of springs emerge from them. Trying this activity is impressive, and beginners need a few lessons to try. Beginners steer their management by controlling the weight of their body, and some experts can lift themselves up to a height of more than 10 meters. In addition to flying, tourists can learn to surf, parasail or go fishing the majestic blue marlin, to name just some of the possibilities. Those who cannot decide between going to a boat or a restaurant can do both in a cruise-restaurant, where diners can also watch the sunset while they enjoy a margarita.

Choose the best hotel in Los Cabos

Guests of the Barceló hotels in los Cabos you can choose from a wide variety of water sports, but those who prefer dry land will also find many quad bike excursions. These four-wheel vehicles can be found along rough roads outside the road, such as the desert or the mountain, to discover wildlife and indigenous villages. A quad bike trip to the tip of the peninsula can be the climax on holiday. The rocky promontorio juts into the sea at the southern end of the peninsula. Photos taken on the Amor beach and the Arch are sure to remind you of an exciting trip to Los Cabos, which is full of fun.