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Old Town Praha

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Old Town Praha

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Map of the Czech Republic

Map of Prague

Information of interest

Currency: Czech crown

Population: 1,200,000 inhabitants

Electricity:: 220 volts AC, 50 Hz (European plug with two round metal prongs)

Official language: Czech. German is also very widely spoken

Official time: GMT +1

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Destination information


The Czech Republic is a mountainous country of Central Europe that boasts baroque, modernist and avant-garde architectural styles. A guile land full of history and castles that fascinates all visitors.

Czech is the homeland of Kafka and Milan Kundera, among other renown writers, and the Czech people are kind and sincere, influenced in various ways by their neighbouring countries. Since the end of communism in 1989, the Czech Republic has awoken the attention of visitors from all over the world - thanks to it's culture, history, lush forests, charming cities and spa towns.

In addition, Prague is renown for its international book festival.

Description of the area

A European jewel, Prague has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Prague is a truly magical city. With its charming streets that look like they were taken from a fairy tale book, Prague is cold in winter, beautiful in spring and autumn and warm in summer. In addition, the city offers a wide range of culture: museums, classical music festivals (the famous Spring Music Festival of Prague and a blossoming theatre culture.

Prague is a city saturated with charm. Enjoy a cup of hot wine in the Christmas market or have a boat ride on the river Vltava that goes under the Carlos Bridge.

To describe the beauty of Prague is a challenge: the best way of discovering it is by randomly exploring its streets and admiring all its gorgeous places, because all the corners of Prague are worth visiting.

Czech gastronomy

Beer. Beer is the national drink of the Czech Republic, it is the country where most beer is consumed in the world. Visitors can experience the quality and variety of beers in the many bars, pubs and cafés that can be found all around town.

Soups. Soup is very popular in Prague and there is a great variety of it: The national soup (ceská bramborová) contains carrots, mushrooms and potatoes. Then there are other soups like the scallop and cabbage soup with pieces of bacon (zelnacka), and of course, we can't forget to mention the famous meat dish, gulash

Prague Ham. One of the most typical dishes in Prague is ham stuffed with whipped cream

Goose Liver Delicacy with onion (Husí játra na cibulce)


Prague's astronomical clock, also known as the astronomical clock of the Old City, is one of the most visited and famous tourist attractions in the old town of Prague. It is an astronomical clock from medieval times that is set on the town hall's southern wall, in the Old Town of Prague (GPS: 50 05 16.59 N, 14 25 14.489 E). Even though the clock has suffered severe damages in the past on various occasions, it has always been carefully repaired with the aim of conserving its technical, artistic and spiritual integrity as best as possible. Currently, it is probably one of the best conserved medieval astronomical clocks in the world. The whole astronomical clock, the hands, the turning system, the bells, the apostle's movements and the sculptures are controlled by an ironwork mechanism that has been conserved almost to its original state, the base having been constructed in 1410Mikuláš de Kadan. Since its great renovation in 1866, it is also controlled with the Romuald Božek mechanical chronometer.

Prague Castle. One of the country's most important monuments, it was used as a residence by the kings of Bohemia and nowadays by the presidents of the current Czech Republic.

Golden Lane. One of the prettiest areas within the Castle and the street where Franz Kafka lived.

St. Vitus Cathedral. Constructed in Gothic style, it is situated within the castle. In past ages it was the residence of the kings and queens of Bohemia and now it is the residence of the president.

Carlos Bridge is the most famous monument in Prague. A pedestrian area full of artists and street stalls, it joins the Old Town with the small Town. Another option is to pass underneath the bridge by boat

Old Jewish cemetery of Prague. This emblematic and impacting place was for a long time the only place in Prague where Jewish people could be buried. A useful tip to avoid the queues is to buy a ticket in one of the synagogues.


Prague’s most typical regional products are Bohemian glass and puppets. You can buy typical local products in the Havelský Trh market. The ideal place to buy genuine wooden toys, puppets and Bohemian glass as Art Décoratif. Handicrafts and jewels shop