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Barceló Aruba


6119 reviews

Located right on the shore at Palm Beach
Sensational restaurants
Ideal for water sports
Ideal location near the Palm Beach area
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The white sandy beaches and peaceful clear waters of Aruba make it an ideal destination for those who are looking for an inspiring trip full of beautiful experiences from Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Palm Beach. Aruba, with an average temperature of between 24 and 27 degrees, is a paradise all year round.

Beaches that seem too good to be true

On this island of the Antilles, of barely 180 km², everything is easily accessible for you to enjoy short excursions; Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Palm Beach is the ideal choice. The west coast offers the world’s most serene beaches, with peaceful waters and white sands, perfect for relaxing on a sun lounger as well as for scuba diving, snorkelling or any other water sport.

Scarcely 20 minutes away is the capital city of Oranjestad. A walk around the city reveals the traces left behind by the Dutch, which is noticeable all over the island and makes it akin to a stroll around one of Amsterdam’s neighbourhoods, though in the middle of the Caribbean.

Enchanting Caribbean nights

At Palm Beach the paradise of the expansive 2 km beach, where a sunset walk is a unique experience, meets with modern Aruba, which boasts the most contemporary services and conveniences you could wish for. Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Palm Beach offer a particular oasis for couples and families as options in which a new meaning is given to Caribbean luxury, with exclusive services in the best location.

At night fall this coastal strip is transformed into an offering of dynamic nightlife, varied restaurants, clubs, and even casinos, all in one exceptional setting and with the whisper of the waves as a backdrop, waiting for a new day of radiant sunshine in paradise.

Discover Caribbean happiness at hotels from Barceló Hotel Group in Aruba.