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Romantic plans in Prague: special proposals for couples

Known as the “lesser quarter”, Malá Strana is one of Prague’s oldest and most romantic neighbourhoods. Old houses, palaces and Baroque façades are interspersed along its cobbled streets, sitting at the foot of the imposing Prague Castle. The Old Town, meanwhile, known as Staré Město in Czech, is home to some of the city’s most beautiful spots. This beauty is enhanced at night, when the sun sets and the old town is illuminated by street lights. If you decide to take a stroll around Prague at night, be sure to pass through the Old Town Square, which simply exudes charm.

Make a wish at Charles Bridge

The main attraction of Malá Strana—or the “Lesser Quarter”—is unquestionably Charles Bridge, which connects this neighbourhood to the Old Town. The bridge is covered by a low mist first thing in the morning. If you squint, you can just about make out the 20 Baroque and Gothic statues that line each of its sides. Last thing in the afternoon, when the sky adopts a purple tinge and the first street lights start to glow, the atmosphere becomes even more romantic. The lights of nearby buildings are reflected in the peaceful waters of the Vltava, comprising a beautiful setting that couples can enjoy from above.



The most visited statue on the bridge is that of St John of Nepomuk, confessor of the Queen of Bohemia. Legend has it that the king had suspicions about his wife, and asked her confessor about her possible infidelities. His tongue was severed after he refused to disclose her secrets, and his body was thrown into the river from the bridge. The statue’s head is circled by five golden stars, the same number that shone over the bridge on that very day. On the base, you will also find a dog (a symbol of fidelity) and a woman (depicting the Queen). According to legend, if you make a wish as you place your left hand on the base of the statue, this wish will come true. As such, this statue is very popular amongst couples who visit Prague.

Esculturas en el Puente Carlos

Charles Bridge in Prague

Propose to your partner on Kampa Island

One of the city’s most magical spots is Kampa Island, which lies at the end of Charles Bridge. This artificial island is demarcated by the Čertovka canal, also known as the Devil’s Canal. This name allegedly derives from a sharp-tongued woman who lived there and bothered the neighbours. Above this canal, alongside the Velkopřevorský mlýn watermill, stands the famous Love Locks Bridge, where lovers, as a sign of their eternal love, place a padlock before tossing the key into the water. We don’t endorse this practice, but we can’t deny its existence.

Views of prague

A boat trip along the Vltava river

Admiring Prague from the river is an unforgettable experience. Several companies offer two or three-hour boat trips, some of which include a romantic candle-lit dinner and live music. The most famous options are the Paropvlava and Jazz Boat.

Crucero por el río Moldava

Vltava river cruise

Rent a horse-drawn carriage or a classic convertible car

There are many different ways in which you can explore the city, including by foot, bike, bus and boat. However, one of the most enjoyable and original ways to get around is by renting a horse-drawn carriage. These 30 or 60-minute tours whisk you around the ancient streets of the city centre, making you feel like you’re in the middle of a fairy tale. Even the coachmen are dressed in period attire!

The chauffeurs of vintage cars who offer city tours also dress in period attire, although from a different era. These classic convertibles are sure to catch the eye of passers-by, with glimmering paintwork and striking colours. This is unquestionably one of the most glamorous ways to explore Prague.

Carros de caballos en la Praga navideña

Horse carriages in Prague

Dinner in the Opera House

Talking of glamour, how do you like the sound of an evening in the famous Prague State Opera House? Try and picture the majestic rows of plush red seats facing the stage. Imagine sitting beneath the enormous chandelier hanging from the ceiling as you admire the golden details that decorate every square inch of the walls. Although it might appear expensive, tickets to this venue are reasonably priced. And what better way to put the cherry on the cake than with a romantic dinner?

Romantic restaurants in Prague

No romantic getaway is complete without a delicious meal in a beautiful restaurant. The Teresa U Prince restaurant, which offers the best views over the Old Town Square, is located on the roof terrace of the hotel of the same name, serving an impressive range of international dishes.

Another terrace offering magnificent views is that of the Zlatá Praha restaurant, located on the ninth floor of a stately hotel with a menu that exclusively comprises Czech cuisine. While we’re on the topic of panoramic views, the Oblaca restaurant also deserves a spot on our list. This restaurant is located in the Žižkov television tower, offering a modern and international menu. The title for the most plush and luxurious restaurant, however, goes to the Hanavský Pavilion: a neo-Baroque building forged of iron, cement and glass, whose views over the city are simply breathtaking. This restaurant’s terrace is the perfect spot for a coffee and a delicious slice of cake as you watch the ships sail up and down the Vltava river.

Viewing platforms, parks and gardens

No setting is more romantic than a garden lined with flowers, fountains and leafy vegetation. From the Middle Ages onwards, parks were created in the city as a place for noblemen to rest. Nowadays, Prague boasts over 200 parks. Some of the most popular (although by no means overcrowded) parks include Letná Park, Havlíček Park, Stromovka Park, Vrtba Garden, the Vyšehrad viewpoint and the famous Petřín Hill, which is also referred to as Lovers’ Hill. This hill is home to a statue dedicated to the romantic poet Karel Hynek Mácha. It is said that those who lay a flower at the statue’s feet will be loved by their partner, and that couples who kiss in front of the poet will stay in love forever.

Un paseo por el Parque Letna

A walk in Letna Park


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