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Romantic getaway to Majorca, the best plans for couples

Majorca offers you the most original and exclusive plans to live out your very own love story in a romantic island getaway. If an unforgettable trip for you and your partner is the goal, we have some ideas for you. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a hot air balloon ride, a relaxing day in a secluded cove, a stroll through some towns of the Tramontana mountain range, a sunset view from a sailing boat or even a personalised photographic report.

Hot air ballooning across the island

Soaring across the island sky in a balloon, above the beaches, the sea, the mountains, and even other nearby islands, is an experience that you will never forget if you enjoy it with your partner. The adventure begins on the ground, with the roaring burners that slowly lift the colourful hot air balloons into the sky. You can take part in all of the preparations until, hand in hand inside the basket, you begin to note that you are aloft. There are plenty of companies to help you experience this original plan. Don’t forget to bring along your camera for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Sunset on a sailing boat

Sunsets in Majorca are one-of-a-kind and if you get to enjoy one aboard a sailing boat with your partner, it will be even more special, be it your first trip as a couple or after a lifetime of shared vacations. You will sail to a peaceful cove where you can take a dip, only to later enjoy the sunset with a glass of sparkling cava in hand. Some companies offer this service from Portocolom, a charming fisherman’s port on the south-east side of the island.

Relive the legend of One Thousand and One Nights in a hammam

Another irresistible plan involves relaxing in a hammam where you can relive the One Thousand and One Nights legend. Partake in a tradition that dates back to Roman times and is very useful for relieving stress, thanks to the contrasts in temperature, light and smells. In Palma, you will find the Hammam (Costa i Llobera, 20) with an authentic Roman bath where the scents of incense and eucalyptus will enrapture you while alternating between the warm and cold rooms and the steam bath.

Restaurants for a romantic dinner in Majorca

A couple’s trip to Majorca isn’t the same without a sampling of local gastronomy in one of the island’s most romantic restaurants. Zaranda offers you a two Michelin-star experience in an ancient Majorcan mansion, at the base of the Tramontana mountain range, where they believe that ‘in order to be universal, you must be local’. This declaration by its chef Fernando P. Arellano is evident in his menus which will surprise you with their spectacular flavours and presentation.

In Sóller, you can enjoy authentic Balearic cuisine at Béns D’Avall, a relaxed restaurant located between the sea and the mountains, which has been offering seasonal cuisine with fresh products since 1971. Currently, the Benet Vicens family reinvents the menu every month to adapt to the season and offer a true sensory experience of the Balearic Islands.

In Palma, Sadrassana presents a new concept that combines gastronomy and art in a vintage ambiance. Located in an ancient, 19th century manor in Palma’s historic centre, it offers a contemporary art gallery with a traditional Balearic menu fused with new creations. Awarded a Repsol ‘sun’ rating thanks to the high quality of its dishes and service, this restaurant has the same hydraulic floors, skylights and woodwork that are found in the contemporary art exhibition halls.

Discover the towns of the Tramontana mountain range

Travel through the picturesque towns of the Tramontana mountain range, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and you are sure to enjoy the unique mountain architecture, even though you are just minutes from the sea. Enjoy its viewpoints, such as the Torre des Verger, a watchtower that used to warn of the arrival of pirates. Today, it could be just the place for a romantic proposal, don’t you think? Enter the small towns and stroll through their alleys decorated with colourful pots and shutters. This trip will offer some unforgettable couple time, allowing for intimate and relaxed chats that our hectic day to day life tends to prevent.

Romantic plans in Majorca: seeking out deserted coves

Rent a car and get lost in the island, until you find one of its most quiet coves. The harder the access, the more intimacy you are likely to find. So look for those out-of-the-way paths that open up from the highway. You may just be rewarded with a wonderful cove of crystal clear water in a turquoise blue sea.

You can choose from nudist beaches, such as Cala Sequer, or one with pine trees in the sand, offering you shade from the intense sun, as with Alcanada, in Alcúdia. And if what you really want is to get away from the world with your loved one, head to Cala Varques and search for one of its caves. Majorca has numerous charming coves; you just need to find your very own. It will be the perfect place to return to if you ever need to reignite the spark of your love.

Photo session of your couple’s trip

Social networks have led to a new trend in travel: photographic tours. Why not capture the memories of your romantic trip with a professional photographer who knows the best landscapes of Palma? You will be offered several changes of clothing and the chance to select the perfect sites, be they inside or outdoors. More than a hundred photos will be taken of your trip, in an almost three-hour long session, making you feel like real celebrities.

Don’t hesitate to visit Majorca to write a new chapter in your love story. It is sure to be one of the most beautiful and romantic ones yet.

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