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Relax in Lanzarote with its wide range of spas

Lanzarote’s colour palette is the first thing that invites visitors to relax as soon as they arrive on this Canary Island. As the airplane approaches, take a look at the land’s broad spectrum of ochre tones, the blues and turquoises of the Atlantic Sea and the white of the small villages that dot the landscape. These last few minutes won’t be nowhere near enough for admiring such beauty. Once landed, be sure to plan your trip well, so you don’t miss out on cultural activities, sport, food and, of course, wellness, as Lanzarote has a wide range of spas, some in hotels and others in small specialised centres.

Hotels with spas in Lanzarote

Lanzarote offers tourists highly developed areas, especially in Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca and Teguise, where visitors will find hotels that have added wellness services to their already comprehensive facilities. Enjoying a treatment or therapy at one of them is the perfect way to round off a busy day of tourist activity. Some establishments on the Costa de Teguise worth noting are the Barceló Teguise Beach and the Occidental Lanzarote Mar, both offering options for those who wish to be pampered on their holidays.



If you are travelling as a couple, or with a group of friends with no children, and you would like to enjoy the facilities of an adults only hotel so your siesta is not interrupted, the hotel for you is Barceló Teguise Beach. This four-star hotel situated just 150 metres away from Playa de las Cucharas, is only for adults and offers a comprehensive experience. In addition to the comfort of its 305 rooms (many of them with hydromassage bathtubs), is the local, international and Asian cuisine on offer and the option of enjoying its infinity pools and magnificent wellness centre.

The hotel’s spa is equipped with a 35ºC dynamic relaxation pool, sauna, steam bath, bithermal shower, aromatic shower and bucket shower, in addition to three treatment rooms: one for beauty, a double room for couple rituals and an individual room. After a day out exploring Timanfaya, Jameos del Agua, Cueva de los Verdes, the Cactus Garden and the Monument to the Farm Worker, you’ll come out feeling like a new person.

Barceló Occidental Lanzarote Mar

If you’re visiting Lanzarote as a family, the Occidental Lanzarote Mar is an excellent alternative on the Costa Teguise. The resort boasts perfect facilities for those travelling with children, as guests can stay in large rooms that are fully equipped according to their needs. Its Happy Minds programme is perfect for getting children to have fun while learning through the Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner. There are two kids’ playgrounds (one outside and one inside) for the youngest children and two kids’ swimming pools with slides. However, kids are not the only ones who enjoy themselves at this resort, as parents can make the most of their children being looked after by the club’s staff to bask in the adult pool, savour a cocktail or head to the Wellness Centre.

At the Wellness Centre of the Occidental Lanzarote Mar we recommend you embark on a sensorial journey, through which you can reach complete harmony between your mind and body. In addition to various therapies, it also offers beauty treatments including facials, masks made from either chocolate, wine or aloe vera and partial or full body wraps. The latter is a treatment made from herbs, algae and mud that is applied to various parts of the body. It is then covered to increase its therapeutic effects in order to tone the muscles and give the skin greater elasticity. We mustn’t forget to mention that the resort also boasts facilities specialised in the needs of elite athletes (it is a professional cycling centre with an Olympic pool), both in terms of training and its special rooms with hydromassage bathtubs, sauna and gym equipment.

Therapies in independent spas

In addition to the hotels mentioned, tourists can also use the services of independent spas in Lanzarote. One of the most highly-regarded on the island is the Vitanova Thalasso Spa-Wellness Centre, situated on Playa Blanca, offering beauty treatments and holistic or classic massages. Who can resist trying one named the Route through the Volcanoes, which is done using hot volcanic rock, or the Route through the Atlantic with a body wrap, reflexology and a eucalyptus balsamic bath? It is without a doubt a perfect place to sample the benefits of thalassotherapy.

Another highly recommended centre is the Aquarsis Thermal Spa, which boasts a thermal circuit and hydrotherapy and thermotherapy treatments. Its facilities house various pools (jet, relaxation and tonifying), footbath, bithermal essential oils shower, bithermal Scottish shower, thermal and Turkish bath, bithermic jet, Vichy treatment cabin and massage cabins, beauty salon and a hairdresser. At Lanzarote Therapy, the therapist Carolyn Curtis ensures that all her clients leave having had a blissful experience. The therapies are accompanied by mindfulness sessions, meditation and coaching to ensure that physical care goes hand-in-hand with mental wellbeing.

Aquatic therapy

Finally, a novel experience is offered by the Watsu Thai Massages centres in Puerto del Carmen: an aquatic therapy called Watsu. The technique, which is applied in warm water, harnesses the lightness of the body when submerged in water to stretch the muscles, decompress the vertebra and mobilise the joints. It is also suitable for babies, pregnant women, athletes and anyone requiring a spot of toning before returning to the routine after their holidays. The energy that Lanzarote exudes, with its distinctive terrain and the strength of its elements, makes this island a special place for achieving personal harmony and balance. If in addition to this we also add in the treatments made with ingredients such as aloe vera, thalassotherapy, geotherapy and even wine therapy, the results will speak for themselves.


Information of interest

  • Barceló Teguise Beach Wellness Centre: Paseo Marítimo, no number. Costa Teguise (Lanzarote). Tel. (+34) 928 590 551 Ext. 419 for prior booking.
  • Occidental Lanzarote Mar Wellness Centre: Avenida del Mar, 5. Costa Teguise (Lanzarote). Tel. (+34) 928 591 329.

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