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Allegro Palma Real


Varadero, Cuba

The peace and quiet of a historical paradise

The beach at Varadero has its own unique charm and is home to the Allegro Palma Real**** part of the Varadero Resort complex by Barceló, a hotel imbued with the music and flavours of Cuba. This multi-experience accommodation allows guests to enjoy a range of cuisines, shows and sports, as well as a fantastic location in Playa Azul, the best area in Varadero. Guests can pass the time here until the sun sets while they sip colourful cocktails next to the pool. The short distance between the hotel and the beach, where you can continue to have fun at the beach-bar, is a welcome surprise.

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Calle 1era 64, Varadero, Cuba 5306 Varadero Cuba

Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport in Varadero, 28 km away

Varadero Golf Course, 4 km away

Varadero, 0 km away

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