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What to see in Son Bou, a tourist favourite in Minorca

Many places on the idyllic Balearic island have preserved their authentic, traditional spirit, thanks to local festivals and prehistoric monuments. The Mediterranean air that you breathe on the island has a very special touch; the island’s spectacular coves seem as if they’re straight out of a magazine, like the beautiful Cala en Turqueta beach, whose name gives you a hint about the colour of its water. Minorca is full of charming places that you will fall in love with, whilst its small fairy-tale villages, such as Binibeca Vell, will transport you back to another time.

However, if we’re going to talk about popular places on the island, Son Bou deserves a special mention. The small area on the southern coast in the municipality of Alaior is full of attractions. In addition to having the longest beach in Minorca, the area also boasts a nature reserve. Add various places of interest, excursions and a wide variety of services into the mix and you’re left with an ideal destination, whether you’re looking for a more family-oriented environment or a holiday for couples.

Son Bou Beach

If you’re dreaming about a long beach with fine sand and crystal-clear waters, Son Bou is one you cannot miss. With over three kilometres of coastline, it’s easy to get there by car and you can park free of charge at its car park. The beach is perfect to visit if you have children in tow, as the water is shallow, which means they can play peacefully on the shore.

One reason why Son Bou attracts many visitors is because of the high number of services that it offers. You’ll find beach bars right on the seafront, as well as shops nearby where you can buy something to entertain the little ones. Sun beds and parasols can also be easily hired so you can relax whilst sunbathing. As it is within a developed area, there are pharmacies and supermarkets just a short distance away.

When the beach gets busy, you can walk westwards where there will be less people. This section of the beach is usually quieter, more natural and more untouched, which some nudists like to take advantage of. Don’t miss the magnificent sunsets that the beautiful coastal landscape of Son Bou offers.

Must-see spots in Son Bou

Minorca is not just about enchanting coves, its cultural heritage is equally important. Some of the most attractive monuments on the island are found right in Son Bou, including the Son Bou Paleochristian Basilica. The building’s remains stand on the eastern end of the beach making it quite the experience to view its ruins, which date from the fifth century, just a few steps away from the sea.

Torre d’en Galmés, the largest Talayotic settlement in the Balearic Islands, is another must-see. The site can be accessed via the road that connects Alaior with Son Bou, and it is a perfect opportunity to behold the talayots and to discover the mysteries of Talayotic culture.

One of the most unforgettable activities that the area offers is the route known as the Camí de Cavalls, a long-distance path that connects the beaches of Son Bou, Sant Tomàs and Cala en Porter. You can also skirt the whole island passing through Mahón and Ciutadella—a very special trail for all hiking enthusiasts. The walk is a great opportunity to discover Minorca’s extraordinary scenery on a 360° route made up of various stages with a range of distances to suit everyone.

If you want to observe birds and the natural landscape of Son Bou, head to the wetlands known as Albufera de Ses Canessies. Situated right behind the beach, it is a great place to spot hundreds of aquatic birds that breed among the dense vegetation in spring and summer.

Restaurants in Son Bou

Minorca’s food is one of its most deep-rooted hallmarks: a type of Mediterranean cuisine based on fish, seafood and vegetables. Lobster stew, scorpion-fish balls, and baked aubergines are some of the most traditional dishes that can be sampled. Thanks to tourism in Son Bou, it won’t be hard to find a restaurant to your liking to top off a day full of incredible experiences.

One of the most famous restaurants is Es Forn de Torre Solí Nou, housed in a former country house, which makes it an idyllic place to enjoy a special dinner. Thanks to its grilled specialities and traditionally decorated terrace, it will be impossible not to fall in love with the place. You can also choose between any of the establishments located on the beach, such as Ses Garces and Es Corb Marì—a romantic dinner option whilst the sun sets. However, if you prefer something faster or you’re after tapas, be sure to head to Bar Ones. To finish off your day there are various chill out bars in Son Bou, such as the Budha Lounge, where you can enjoy a drink whilst listening to some music.

In short, don’t hesitate to go to Son Bou to discover the countless attractions that it has to offer. Whether you’re travelling with your family or your partner, you’ll find the kind of atmosphere you’re after for a lovely holiday in Minorca.

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How to arrive in Son Bou:

  • By car. It is around 8 km from Alaior. The road is direct and well signposted.
  • By bus. Bus routes depart from Mahón and Alaior in the summer.

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