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Map of Mexico

Map of Cancun

Extra information

Currency: the official currency is the Mexican Peso, though the American Dollar is accepted in most of the country

Official time: UTC - 7.

Official language: Spanish

Population: Approximately 87 million inhabitants

Electricity: the power supply in Mexico is 110 V. The plugs have 3 flat prongs.

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Destination information


Mexico is an unforgettable country of 1,964,375 km2 in size, which offers its visitors numerous natural landscapes, freshwater lakes and lagoons, Mayan ruins and pyramids, rich culinary specialties and the charming friendliness of its people.

Along its 11,122 km of coast, bathed by the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, you can enjoy numerous beaches and stunning bays in a country with a high number of natural protected areas and 16 places listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Visit Mexico and allow yourself to be seduced by its rich and spicy cuisine, its nights of magic accompanied by a good tequila and the openness and warmth of its people.

Description of the area

Cancun is a beautiful city with more than 20 km of beaches from which you can observe the sea’s infinite tones of blue that multiply towards the horizon and from where you can discover precious reefs, numerous dream landscapes and interesting cultural vestiges from the Mayans.

Located in the northeast of the Yucatán Peninsula, right in the heart of the Caribbean, Cancun offers numerous possibilities for fun and entertainment thanks to its wide, comprehensive and complementary offer made up of shopping centers, bars, restaurants, clubs and golf courses.


Mexican cuisine is one of the richest and most varied in the world. Cornmeal forms the basis of its cuisine, that is renowned for its barbecued meats, accompanied by spicy salsas, along with salads, vegetables and a wide variety of fruits.

Octopus, squid and prawns marinated in lemon are griddled, breaded or marinated in sauce, while freshly-caught, tasty lobster is another delicious example of this country’s cuisine.

Cancun’s diversity can also be observed in its native cuisine. Among the most traditional specialties are pock-chuc (barbecued pork), pavo escabeche (turkey in herbs and spicy broth), relleno negro (black turkey stew), queso relleno (cheese stuffed with pork), panuchos (tortilla baskets filled with chicken and salsa), relleno blanco (turkey stew) and paptzules (egg tacos covered in pumpkin seed sauce and tomatoes).


Chichen-Itza: Mayan ceremonial center that has preserved the pyramid, the observatory and the pelota court (Mesoamerican ballgame).

Xcaret: nature reserve with underground rivers and beautiful beaches, ideal for those who love scuba diving.

Tulum & Xelha: Tulum was the only walled Mayan city, while Xelha is a nature reserve.

Mayan Riviera: just 45 minutes along the Cancun Highway are a series of typical fishing villages and different tourist centers.


In Mexico, you can find authentic items of popular crafts made from, ceramics, copper, leather, fabrics and macramé. The beautiful creations from Taxco silver are also a good example of the skill of Mexican silversmiths.

In some regional markets in Cancun, such as Mercado 23, Mercado 28 or Cancun & Xcaret, you can find a wide variety of examples of Mexican crafts such as Mayan figures made from clay or typical clothing from the region. You can buy Xtabentún Mexican liqueur in the markets, that is a drink made from anis and honey, which is highly prized in the Yucatán Peninsula.

In addition, you will also find a variety of shopping centers in Cancun, such as Plaza Caracol, Plaza Forum, Plaza La Isla and Plaza Kukulcan, all of which are open from 10.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m.