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The modernity and avant-garde have turned the city of Bilbao into a reference point for tourism in Spain . Staying in a centrally located hotel in Bilbao, allows the traveller to experience each of the pleasures that awaits the exciting Basque city, such as its gastronomy and its effervescent cultural life, a city full of great natural, architectural and historical attractions. From the Guggenheim Museum to the renewed image of the Nervión estuary, or the imposing Green Belt that surrounds the city, all are reasons for a holiday in Bilbao to become an unforgettable experience.

A short break in Bilbao with a lot of flavour

Nobody who visits the Basque Country leaves with a bad taste in their mouth. The gastronomic culture of this autonomous community is so extensive that the spoon and fork tourism alone would be enough for much more than a trip to Bilbao. The city is full of restaurants where you can taste the authentic flavour of Basque cuisine, but it is above all in the heart of the city where this cult of good gastronomy is most alive. A central hotel in Bilbao is the best place to start a gastronomic route through the city, allowing yourself to be seduced by the proposals offered on the menu by the chefs of the most exclusive hotels. The most outstanding bars and restaurants in Bilbao are authentic culture and are concentrated in the Casco Viejo around Somera street, Plaza Vieja or Perro street, although it is true that practically every neighbourhood has its classics, so it is best to let yourself be advised and discover them at your own pace.


As traditional as going out for pintxos and zuritos in Bilbao is to return at the end of the day with a stroll along the Nervión estuary. The Barceló Hotel Group hotels in Bilbao, equipped with all the luxuries and comforts (flat screen TVs, mini bar, 24/7 personal attention, WiFi, air conditioning, whirlpool baths...) are perfect for relaxing and resting after the exquisite experiences that Bilbao offers its visitors.

All the charm of the Nervión river in Bilbao

Visiting Bilbao is not just about gastronomy. Over the last few decades, the capital of the province of Biscay has undergone an impressive transformation in its image, which is projected as a reference to the rest of the world. There are hotels next to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao that have managed to integrate perfectly into this innovative environment, offering visitors an alternative accommodation based on modernity and the comfort of the most avant-garde designs. Spacious, open-plan rooms equipped with the latest technology to make a stay in Bilbao as pleasant or more pleasant than being at home, and to ensure that a holiday in the Basque Country not only leaves guests with good memories, but also the desire to return in the near future.


With the great location that these establishments offer, it is very easy to get around the main areas of interest in the city on foot. Taking the Nervión estuary as a reference point, you can take a tour of the city's most illustrious buildings, galleries and shops, calmly discovering the two sides of an area full of charm and contrasts. Despite the new avant-garde airs, and perhaps this is where its charm lies, Bilbao still retains its essence and its centuries-old authenticity in each of its streets.

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