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Today, December 02


See our Menorca Guide to discover the must-sees and authentic experiences this island has to offer. Secluded coves and turquoise waters await you.


The essentials The secrets of Menorca

Make the most of your trip

What to see in Minorca in 3 days

It may not seem like sufficient time, but three days in Minorca is just enough to discover its best coves, beautiful natural landscapes and spectacular gastronomy.

What to see in Minorca in 5 days.

Five days in Minorca is just enough time to fall in love with the island’s beaches and natural spaces, as well as its traditions and people.

What to see in Minorca in 7 days

A week in Minorca is all you need to enjoy unspoilt coves, charming towns and villages, the depths of the sea and street markets.

Neighbourhood and districts

Menorca has a total of 8 neighbourhoods

Experencias exclusivas 2020

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