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B-Heaven: Deconstructing Granada from above

The terrace of the Barceló Carmen Granada is ranked No. 2 on the list of the best rooftop bars in Spain. Relax with a drink or a bite to eat above the bustle of the city for a truly heavenly experience.

Granada is a source of pleasure for the senses that throughout history has won the hearts of renowned individuals such as William Shakespeare, Alejandro Dumas, Antonio Machado, Ernest Hemingway and Michelle Obama. Traditionally, its one thousand and one wonders were enjoyed individually, but why not create a place where you can experience them all at the same time? This is the concept behind B-Heaven, the new terrace at the Barceló Carmen Granada hotel (Acera del Darro 62): a space high up from which to take in the spectacular 360° views of the city while literally savouring the Alhambra or the cathedral thanks to the tasting menu called ‘What does Granada taste like?’ that associates every monument to a dish. And all of this from the pool, as to be expected in a city where water has played a major role since the era of the Moors. The Alhambra. Landscapes. Flavours. Water. B-Heaven: A new concept in which Granada is deconstructed into an aesthetic experience to make visitors feel like they are in ‘heaven’.

The uniqueness of the B-Heaven Granada has achieved international recognition with its inclusion at No. 2 on The Rooftop Guide’s list of the best rooftop bars in Spain. This glowing endorsement highlights the style and sophistication of the restaurant-bar, its traditional Andalusian cuisine, sublime cocktails and impressive 360º views of the city.



Granada, between the sky and the water (from the pool)

The rooftop at the Barceló Carmen Granada hotel opened in June 2018, and thanks to its centric location, it boasts incredible 360° panoramic views that cover everything from the cathedral (left) to Carmen de los Mártires (right), including Albaicín, Sacromonte, the Alhambra, the Generalife, the Alhambra Palace, Manuel de Falla Theatre and Sierra Nevada as the backdrop. The infinity design of the clear glass transforms the terrace into one of the city’s best lookout points and the only one where everything can be seen with water up to your ears in a pool that is eight floors up. Even the poor Nasrid sultans couldn’t dream of this luxury as they bathed in their hammams.


What does Granada taste like?

This is the question posed by Dionisio Palma, the chef at Barceló Carmen Granada, in an enticing tasting menu that invites us, starting at €60 per person, to discover the flavours associated with each monument or landmark in the city. The results are surprising. Apparently, the Alhambra tastes like broad beans, mint gelée and shrimp from Motril, and no one could have imagined that the historic Albaicín district is the culinary equivalent of a Moorish pastilla with nuts and mango. Or that the Generalife is a Mozarabic monkfish with cous cous. These are three of the nine dishes that comprise ‘What does Granada taste like?’, representing Granada’s traditional food with a touch of fusion cuisine.

The chef, however, has set aside other appealing specialities for the menu, including delicious and Instagrammable dishes such as ‘strawberry and beet salmorejo’ or ‘prawn croquettes with berries and tomato powder’.



Brunch, live cooking demonstrations and cocktails under the moonlight

B-Heaven is anything but a monotonous paradise. The views of Granada in the background never change, but the rooftop takes on a different aesthetic, depending on the guests and occasion. Fans of late Sunday breakfasts can add a touch of sophistication to their habit with BBrunch, and foodies are invited to the culinary events and live cooking demonstrations led by renowned chefs held every Saturday. People who want a bit of fun in the evening are welcome to attend the traditional afterwork events every Thursday and the All Star Nights on Fridays featuring stand-up comics, magicians and hypnotists who add a special touch to the enchanting halo of the illuminated Alhambra. This will be the perfect time to try a ‘Lemon La Vida Loca’, ‘White Choco Martini’ or other designer mixed drinks at B-Heaven, where cocktails are served near the sky and under the moonlight.

Information of interest

  • Average price for lunch (pool menu featuring sandwiches and salads) and dinner (gastropub menu): starting at €18 per person
  • ‘What does Granada taste like?’ tasting menu: €60 per person (reservations required)

For additional information and reservations: +34 958 258 300

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