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Today, July 12


    See our Cáceres Guide to discover the must-sees and authentic experiences this city has to offer.


    The essentials The secrets of Cáceres
    plaza mayor caceres
    Places of Interest

    The picturesque Plaza Mayor of Cáceres

    Come explore the Plaza Mayor of Cáceres, the city’s boisterous social and cultural epicentre. Flanked by historic landmarks, it offers a wonderful selection of bars and restaurants where you can savour local delicacies right at the foot of the Old Town.

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    Make the most of your trip

    What to see in Cáceres in 1 day

    Culture, history and exceptional cuisine… if you only have one day in Cáceres, we have the perfect itinerary for discovering the essential sights.

    What to see in Cáceres in 2 days

    If you have a couple of days free to visit Cáceres, our itinerary covers all the essentials: palatial mansions, historic town walls, majestic buildings and fine dining.

    What to see in Cáceres in three days

    A relatively small city like Cáceres is the perfect destination for a three-day getaway. You’ll have plenty of time to see all its main sights without rushing.

    Neighbourhood and districts

    Cáceres has a total of 2 neighbourhoods