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Wine-tasting in Granada: Señorío de Nevada Winery


1 hour and a half



English, Spanish



Time of year

Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter

More info

  • Shared experience (minimal group: 2 personas)
  • Not suitable for people with reduced mobility
  • Recommended for: Couples, Groups, Solo travellers

What the experience includes

Barceló Experiences invites wine enthusiasts to delve into the aromas, colours and flavours of these creations with an amazing tour of the Señorío de Nevada Winery. With this activity, you will learn about the winemaking process in parallel to an excellent wine-tasting led by an expert oenologist.

Everything you need to know

Degustación de vinos Bodegas Fontedei

Located in Villamena, the Señorío de Nevada Winery covers 21 hectares at just over 650 metres above sea level. Due to the microclimate of the valleys in southwestern Spain, the grapes are harvested in October after a long and peaceful growth period.

The vineyard has first-rate facilities and its wines are being studied at one of the most prestigious oenology centres in Bordeaux.

Step into the vineyards at Señorío de Nevada Winery and become enraptured by the magic. Learn about the entire wine production process, from the vine to the bottle, by the hand of our expert guides. The activity is made up of three phases:

  • Overview of the vineyard’s history whilst strolling through the grapevines to see all the varieties.
  • Tour of the wine-making room, ageing room and barrel storage room, with explanations of the processes that take place in each one.
  • Wine tasting

This is the perfect experience for wine connoisseurs who want to spend a day in nature with a glass of good wine in hand.

Only available on weekends. Group tour with wine tasting (three varieties).

This 1.5-hour activity at the Señorío de Nevada Winery includes a guided tour that covers the entire process—from the grapevine to the bottle and all the production elements—and concludes with a varied and carefully selected wine-tasting featuring their own creations.

This is the perfect experience for wine connoisseurs who want to spend a day in nature with a good glass of wine in hand.

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